Forty-Two Funny Memes For Maximum Scroll-age


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  1. Posted by Cherryvannila, — Reply

    That would be awesome because I have Hazel ombre eyes

  2. Posted by North_With_Love, — Reply

    My hair would look so pretty

  3. Posted by wikiibaer, — Reply

    Ehmmm I don’t want to have blue -greenish hair lul

  4. Posted by morbid_musings, — Reply

    dude my entire bodily color pallete is brown. I have brown hair, brown eyes, nd brown skin. like im literally just b r o w n. its honestly kinda boring lmao

  5. Posted by JogiKon, — Reply

    okay okay okay okay but IMAGINE!!!!!! you dye your hair some crazy color, and your eye color CHANGES. thats neat.

  6. Posted by brodiemcroberts, — Reply

    Guys, guys, guys I get to have blue and silver hair, my life fuckin rules!!! XD

  7. Posted by Kpopcorngalaxy, — Reply

    Even brown haired peoples hair shines a slightly different color in the sun, so it would still be cool, even brown eyes do that too, they look like pure gold in the sun

  8. Posted by lyates718, — Reply

    So if my hair is ombré... I’d have half of my eye be brown half be blond :))))

  9. Posted by WhisperingoftheWolves, — Reply

    my eyes are hazel... so I dont think it woud look really good for a hair color

  10. Posted by CatBANDIT04, — Reply

    My hair has highlights so that would be an interesting eye color. But my eyes are weird, they look brown but aren't entirely. The inner ring is brown, the second is green, and the very thin outer line is like a dark blue.

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